About The Logo Smith -  Work Biography

I’m Graham Smith, founder of The Logo Smith: an Independent Graphic and Logo Design Studio.

My chosen path in graphic design design started straight from school with an apprenticeship at Manor Park Press, way back in 1989. After being made redundant the day after I completed my apprenticeship, I embarked on a journey that saw me work for: Print Companies, Design Studios and Marketing & Advertising Agencies.

My last full-time job was at Gemini Press Limited, where I worked for close to 10 years. I worked onwards and upwards to finally become the Senior Studio Graphic Gesigner, as well as the Studio Technical Manager, of 20 designers and pre-press technicians. 

I left Gemini Press, some 10 years ago, to set-up my own company: The Logo Smith, and this is where I find myself today. Leaving the relative secuity of full-time jog to go freelance is scary, but it's a change that I'm forever happy with.

Since leaving school I have accumulated over 25 years experience in: Graphic Design, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Typography, Reprographics, Photography, Advertising, Marketing, WordPress, SEO and Social Media.

Now I dedicate my time to working with local and worldwide clients, on various styles of Graphic and Logo & Brand Identity Projects.

Although I'd be hesitant to say I had a 'design style', if pushed I'd say I drift towards: clean, strong, minimal, geometric, cliché free with a strong typographic leaning.

As well as designing stuff, I also fully utilise the power of the internet, and social media. I write frequent blog articles on logo and brand identity design, as well finding and sharing cool and interesting articles each day.

Incidentally, this led to three book publishers approaching me, within the last year, to author books on logo and brand dentity design. Unfortunately, I had to pass these up due to ongoing client work.

Dribbble Stream

Here are some relatively 'recent' Dribbble shots. I'm not overly active on there, but do post the odd new logo design etc.

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About Graham Smith - Personal Biography

I like to think there's a little more to me than just being a graphic designer. I guess depends on who you ask.

One of my main passions is to train and race in Triathlons, and I'm really chuffed to be a member of The Brighton Triathlon Club.

This year (2015) I raced in about 10 triathlons, covering both Sprint Distance and OIympic Distance (Standard).

My aim for 2016 will be to compete in my first half IronMan, and possibly gun for doing my first full distance IronMan in 2017.

I also raced my first cross country Triathlon at XTERRA (see the photos on this page), which was a huge change of pace from a more routine road triathlon. One that I'll be repeating in 2016.

One of my greatest challenges was racing the SDW100  (South Downs Way 100 Mile Relay), as part of a 6-person relay team with the Tri Club.

This is 100 miles of incredibly hilly terrain starting at Beachy Head, and finishing in Winchester.

The format is such that each person runs 3 sections, usually between 5-8 miles each throughout the day.

The idea is that you run each time as though it was your first race that day, as in give it your all and more.

This was a massive challenge both physically and mentally, but was also immensely enjoyable and satisfying.

People that know me, or know of me, understand how important my two amazing dog children are to me.

These wonderful animals have helped me through some tough personal and work challenges over the years, and having these in my life is what keeps one grounded.

Miss Charley is an all black German Shepherd, (ex failed Police Dog), and Mr Dylan is a 11 year old Lurcher that I rescued from the Dog's Trust.

Being fortunate to work from home allows me to start each and every day taking the dogs for a long walk in the country. After this we'll head to the beach, where I'll buy my first coffee of the day from the kiosk. I'll usually repeat this routine in the eveing.